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Super"FB": Retire -> Hall of Fame

Championship に敗れ、Super-Bowl 出場ならず。
残りは Pro-Bowl だが、Championship の敗戦ショックでやる気が失せた。
僕(Youzy Cook) は 引退 を決意。Agent に引退の意思を告げる....

おや? いつものエンディングと違う.... やった!!! Hall of Famer に選ばれました。

Was chosen as the Hall of Fame

ちなみに.... 引退直前の 「Hall of Fame Board」 では、2位でした。

僕(Youzy Cook) は "FB" だったが、ほとんどを "HB" でプレイ。"TE" もプレイした。
鈍足であったが、"Kickoff Returner" としても活躍。4回も 「Leading Kickoff Returner」 となる。
Career Stats は以下の通りである。

Career: Stats
Games Played=96, Started=95 (6 Years, 48W-48L-0T)
1,473run 4,106yds, 12 TDs (Avg=2.7yds, BTK=435, After 1st Hit=2,927yds, 20+=14, Long=62yds)
318cat 3,520yds, 9 TDs (Avg=11.0yds, YAC=882yds, Long=59yds, 44 Drops)
  * Scrimmage yards=7,626yds
356 1st-Downs
44 Fumbles (21 Lost), 4 Fumble Recover, 1 Fumble Force
73 Pancakes, 5 Sack Allowed
30 Tackles, 1 Big-Hit
396kr 9,340yds (Avg=23.5yds, Long=55yds)
91pr 695yds (Avg=7.6yds, Long=20yds)
  * All-Purpose yards=17,661yds
Career: Awards
2006; Offensive rookie of the year (AFC)
2007; Pro Bowl (AFC) "1st-FB"
2009; Pro Bowl (AFC) "2nd-FB"
2010; Pro Bowl (AFC) "1st-FB"
2011; Pro Bowl (AFC) "1st-FB" ** Retired, No Play
Player 0f the Week = 1 ; 2010 Week-17
Hall of Fame
Post-Season: Stats **Except for Pro-Bowl
Games Played=6, Started=6 (4W-2L)
  2009; Wild-Card, Divisional Playoff, Championship, Super-Bowl
  2011; Divisional Playoff, Championship
113run 287yds (Avg=2.5yds, BTK=29, After 1st Hit=214yds, 20+=1, Long=31yds)
12cat 109yds (Avg=9.0yds, YAC=17yds, Long=22yds)
  * Scrimmage yards=396yds
13 1st-Downs
3 Fumbles (1 Lost)
2 Pancakes, 1 Sack Allowed
4 Tackles
22kr 474yds (Avg=21.5yds, Long=42yds)
  * All-Purpose yards=870yds

DEN '06,'07

CLE '08,'09

MIN ~'10w4

KC '10w5~

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